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Since 2019 04 02~ Copyright all reserved by2017 ⓒ           Copyright all reserved by 2018 ⓒ   Copyright all reserved by spacemakervisual 2019 ⓒ ITOISkorea          2019년4월7일 year month day featured

Openprograming seoul 2013  가을



andy warhol

Busy P sign 2015

저의 소중한 반지 만들기 추억이랄까요 2018년


写真 featured


airpress with vj luci

2013 ultrajapan visuallab usa

Kode9 london

2018 louvre 경험

2017IGOA solo art contest _Worldwide top

2017IGOA solo art contest 국내에 소개된 IGOA


spacemakervisual 2019년2월 26일


Looking so slow but we are moving and living untill..we don't know just, svvstudio 왠지 느낌이 좋아서 기록하지롱 (somehow chill ) 2018년 12월13일

Redesigned this logo by myself 새로운 로고를 직접 디자인했다. 2018 년 6월8일

2018년 11월 3일 부터 zerogravity082studio는 svvstudio로 이름이 변경되었다. Since November 3, 2018, zerogravity082studio renamed to svvstudio

국내에 소개된 IGOA

zerogravity082 jp 2017 0904

31 août 2017 jeudi france photo article first writer -many lack 많이 부족하지만 published


542-0081 大阪市中央区南船場 3-2-6 大阪農林会館 B1F Gallery Solaris name:zerogravity082

2016 yo newyork

canada international gallery of the arts this year solo contest 20170615

dance people all my follower

dream already came true ultra visual center 1hours nice memories ultra japan 1st i made people dance under the light ㅋㅋ

umf (good memories , life good chance) 13s a little did.. z dancing people all my follower

Party  and  artbook...

artbook usa 2016 Yo newyork 3st creatorsproject peotry x artwork 2

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