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0921 cybercrime cyber crime criminal : woman selling sex Women who sell sex and actual security officials They seem to have changed careers after committing a crime. woman selling sex Cause of crime: To get married, to erase the past. Steal other people's identities. Crime: Gaslighting Victims: People who are new to the workforce and have experience in the company. network monitoring In the end, the victim either dies by himself or someone has died before. 0901 To clarify hacking crimes smartphone format laptop external hard drive All charger cords were replaced with new Samsung products that match the smartphone. Jeong Ji-young, born in 1987 I do not know the contact information. Didn't even meet. She illegally found out my contact information and showed it on KakaoTalk. id : cati 3487 jool 0808 The author is not a real resident. It's a different local. There is actually a lot of IP movement. The author called the actual resident the NIS. Documents of what happened to civilians were found. the dates match Since October, a full-fledged cybercrime has occurred The author is a hidden camera criminal. It was in Gyeongsang-do, Ulsan. However, there are many other regional moves. Even while moving through the area The author is seeing the same house vividly. There are many articles. Lying is habitual. Gyeongsang-do women.

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